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Tamiya Indonesia Championship 2019

  • Seri 1 : 24 Feb 2019 - Sunter International Speedway
  • Seri 2 : 31 Maret 2019 - Sunter International Speedway
  • Seri 3 : 28 April 2019 - East RC
  • Seri 4 : 07 Juli 2019 - Sunter International Speedway
  • Regulations attached PDF


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May 2022
May 2022

May 2022 (9)

Xtreme Aerodynamics have introduced a new 1/10 FWD class body shell, named the She-Rock. Because of the limited power and the understeer nature of this category, deep CFD analysis have been carried out to maximise corner speed and aero efficiency. Every section has been studied to optimise the global flow, bonnet shape, front spoiler, side skirt and roof details are examples. Extensive testing showed a smooth handling, fast transition and optimal aero balance on mid corner resulting in overall performance improvement and consistency.
The new RB10 Electric Off-road Buggy was engineered using Team Associated’s vast knowledge and success in the 1:10 scale 2WD racing category. Featuring a water-resistant, high-power Reedy brushless speed control, 3300kV brushless motor, a 2.4GHz 2-channel radio system, as well as their DVC (Dynamic Vehicle Control) receiver unit with built-in adjustable digital gyro. Add to that a Reedy metal-gear, digital high-torque servo, and a water-resistant enclosed receiver box. All of this packaged together in an outstanding factory-finished off-road buggy body with wing. And to keep you sticking to the terrain, the RB10 will keep you accelerating and cornering with the…
Pro-Line have introduced this 1995 Toyota Supra body for Drag Racing. Pro-Line is proud to introduce the car culture phenomenon 1995 Toyota Supra clear body to the no prep drag racing scene. All the iconic rounded shapes of the full-size car have faithfully recreated in 1/10 scale size and tuned specifically for drag racing. Pro-Line even includes separate headlight buckets to accurately replicate the 3-dimensional depth of the 1995 Supra headlights. The body features a unique tuner-style raised rear wing that is lifted by the included moulded black plastic wing struts to complete the iconic Supra styling. Or you can…
JConcepts has teamed up with Bigfoot 4×4 to offer officially licensed decal sets to go along with branded body shells. The second offering Bigfoot 19 Racer Stripe which includes all logos associated with the truck in one of the more famous and current trim packages. The included body shell, a 2020 Ford Raptor, is the work of the JConcepts crew always looking to offer the best performing and most accurate presentation on the market. The Raptor launches quick with its low-slung design, snoopy front-end and detailed representation. The grille area is heavily recessed, so the included decals lock into place…
JConcepts have released a trio of new bodyshells for the Axial SCX24 starting with this 1970’s Chevy K10. The 1970 shell is powerful, and the square body shape is a shout-out to simpler times when a hard day’s work was a bedful of goodness. For the 1970, a lot of the glamour rested in the front grille and headlight package as well as the layered and sculpted rear tail gate and taillight section. These details are found on the included decal sheet along with many emblems and trim packages to complete your body in several popular looks from that generation.…
Axial introduces another first with the 1/10 scale RBX10 Ryft 4wd, a kit that allows intermediate level RC drivers to experience the thrills of rock bouncer off-road action. Full-size rock bouncers refuse to stop, or even back down on the throttle, when facing steep climbs and massive rocks. So does the RBX10 Ryft 4wd. This ground-up new Axial vehicle handles lots of abuse and loads of power. It’s robust, custom tube chassis is engineered from a high-strength composite plastic that withstands the hard knocks of RC off-roading, even while moving at high speeds over difficult off-road terrain. Both the front…
JConcepts have introduced the Protector body shell for the original RC10 buggy. As the name suggests, the new body shares some styling cues from the original days of the RC10 and one of the most popular kit bodies of all-time. This is a CAD design body shell but definitely has its roots set in the 1980’s with rear biased cab, large rear transmission over-hanging section and large rear windows. Never has an RC10 body fit around the tub chassis with careful considerations to the angles, height, and transitions. Certainly, one of the most retro bodies in the JConcepts fleet, the…
Team Shepherd have released the Velox V10 AWS nitro touring kit. The latest variant of the successful V10 platform has been developed in cooperation with team drivers and selected customers around the world to take a big variety of skill levels into account. The kit features the advanced weight system chassis plate that allows the use of sliding weights at the lowest possible point of the car. By moving the included weight forward or backward the balance of the car can be fine tuned in the pitlane with ease. The related battery mount has been updated to a carbon plate…
Bittydesign have released their second entry into the GT class following the previous release of the Seven65 shell back in October with the announcement of the Hyper GT8 body. Bittydesign have changed the proportions and shapes of their 1/10 project by designing a new version adapted to the needs of the 1/8 GT category, the phase of refinement took several months to optimise every detail. The Hyper GT8 is a GT body with a stunning look, the lowered front part generates an excellent cornering entry, the narrow cab and the modelled sides have been designed to stabilise the air flow…


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