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Tamiya Indonesia Championship 2019

  • Seri 1 : 24 Feb 2019 - Sunter International Speedway
  • Seri 2 : 31 Maret 2019 - Sunter International Speedway
  • Seri 3 : 28 April 2019 - East RC
  • Seri 4 : 07 Juli 2019 - Sunter International Speedway
  • Regulations attached PDF


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JConcepts has introduced a new cab only body for the crawling and scaling enthusiast who appreciates a hard-nose and retro vibe.  The Power Master follows along the success of popular shells like the Creep and CreepER styles by the team from Groveland, Florida.  The concentration of the platform is for versatility and offering clearance for an abundance of rigs who are in kit form or highly modified for the trails and technical courses.  The start of the design begins at the grille, a short overhang provides a lot of options in terms of aftermarket bumper options.  The V-shaped front-end allows…
Japanese engine manufacturer O.S. has released the fifth generation of their long established MAX-12TG 1:10 touring car engine line.  While following user requests and trends, OS have pursued ease of use and better performance with each successive generation, and now in its fifth generation the MAX-12TG Ver.V has been improved in various parts in order to demonstrate excellent power even in regulated race scenes.  The first major change in appearance is the addition of one cooling fin to the bottom of the outer head.  This improves engine cooling performance and enables stable performance. Also, by increasing the lightweight holes in…
Following the release of its SO2.0 2WD Buggy last month, Yokomo has introduced its latest 4WD kit with the release of the Master Off-Road MO2.0.  Features of the new kit include a wheelbase that has been extended, a revised Ackermann ratio, and a COL (centre one-way limiter) slipper unit which the Japanese manufacturer says is the highlight of this new kit.  This releases excessive traction to the front when landing from a jump or entering a corner, preventing sudden movements.a centre one-way slipper has been adopted to improve stability.  It is possible to run high.  In particular, the newly developed one-way…
US offroad bodyshell producer Leadfinger Racing has introduced their new A2 Tactic body and turf wing for the Team Associated B6.4/B6.4D 1:10 Buggy.  The new body is the key component whether racing on carpet, turf or dirt.  The A2’s straight-line design and strategically built side pods provide the B6.4 with precise maneuverability.  The raised fin positioned down the centre of the body stabilises the B6.4 under full punch and high-speed passing situations.  For more level jumping and quicker landings, a perfectly sized swoop at the back of the body assists air flow over the rear tower and helps guide it…
US competition bodyshell manufacturer SuperRad has released their first truck oval body, the SR-20 SuperTRK.   Available in Lite .020” polycarbonate the 1:12 body includes spoiler, decal sheet, and window masks.  Weighing in at just 52g painted, the truck body is TOUR approved. View rear image here
Hong Kong chassis manufacturer Xpress has released details of its latest 1:10 competition Touring Car, the Execute XQ11.  Building on the success of the previous XQ10 platform,  it combines a number of new design features.  The motor mount has been redesigned to accept up to 4 locations of bearings to tension your belt, with one of those being height adjustable.  The spur mounting is now screw-less, secured by a single large plate for a more evenly mounted spur.  Redesigned body stops help lift the body when cornering to prevent scraping on the track and preventing inconsistent performance.   It gets easy…
ARC has announced their latest 1:8 Electric Onroad Racing car, the R8.4E.  The R8.4E will be available in 2 different configurations- the R8.4EL and R8.4ES.  While both cars feature specially designed 5mm carbon chassis for electric racing, the key difference is in their transmission and battery layout.  The R8.4EL is designed to run either standard or shorty LiPo batteries, while the R8.4ES is designed to run exclusively with shorty LiPo batteries.  For added tune ability, theR8.4E features adjustable front and rear suspension arm lengths and roll centre via changing the pivot pin inserts.  Racers can choose from 3 different front…
Sworkz has a new 1:8 Nitro Buggy with the release of the S35-4 EVO.  The geometry from the Worlds Edition conversion kit provides optimised cornering speeds with a more easy handling feel and maximum traction.  The S35-4 EVO features a T7075 hard anodised and lightened aluminium chassis with a new short wheel base design that was tested for a long time by our factory pilots which guarantee the best speed balance for both front and rear suspensions.  HET differentials are included in the kit while the High Density Clutch Bell system are optional. The new S35-4 EVO comes with a…
SuperRad Competition Bodyshells has added a new 1:12 LMP body to its range, the SR-07L LMP.  The US body shell produce ground-up designed it specifically for high-bite, 17.5 stock class racing.  It features a smooth aerodynamic design with a reduced spoiler for maximum efficiency.  Available in XtraSuperLite .010”, SuperLite .015” and Lite .020” polycarbonate, it includes headlight decal sheet and window mask and is both ROAR and IFMAR approved. View more images here
Hong Kong’s 3Racing has released an updated version of their entry level Cero Sport 1:10 Electric Touring car platform, the Cero Sport 55.  The key update on the kit is the repositioning of the motor mount to the centre of the car meaning the same size belt is used front and rear.  As a result of the new position the cat get a new motor mount and top deck.  Also improved on the  it in the centre of the Cero Sport 55 is an improved composite resin used in the manufacturing of the steering knuckles, which are common to all…
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