1/10 R/C M-07R Chassis Kit

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1/10 R/C M-07R Chassis Kit 1/10 R/C M-07R Chassis Kit Length: 332mm. Image shows assembled kit. Body, motor, tires, R/C equipment, battery pack and charger are sold separately.

Limited Edition R/C Product

1/10 R/C M-07R Chassis Kit

Item No: 84436

★The revolutionary M-07 Concept chassis comes paired with TRF (Tamiya Racing Factory)-selected parts for a superbly balanced racing setup! ★High-traction lower deck, carbon fiber battery holder, TRF special dampers, reinforced suspension components and more. ★Smooth drivetrain employs oil-filled gear differentials and double-cardan driveshafts.

Featured Components ★Carbon fiber battery holder* ★High-traction lower deck ★Reinforced C parts (uprights) ★Reinforced D parts (suspension arms) ★TRF special dampers (hard black coating) ★Double-cardan drive shafts (33mm) ★Clamp-type aluminum wheel hubs (5mm) ★Aluminum joint cups ★06 module aluminum pinion gear (20T) ★2.6mm diameter titanium-coated shafts ★3x106mm aluminum turnbuckle shafts ★Rear stabilizer
*dedicated component

Information is correct as of January 31, 2019. Specifications are subject to change without notice.

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